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Shira Wine Single Vineyard

2 Mar
2009 Single Vin. Syrah – Thompson Vineyard.

Thompson Vineyard’s 30 year old vines produced a very low yield of 1.5 tons per acre in ’09. The result is a massive, black hole of a  wine with a smoke and earth character and gobs of blue and black fruits.

2009 Single Vin. Syrah – McGinley Vineyard.

The warmer climate McGinley Vineyard’s Syrah is a softer, more opulent wine with  big, ripe fruit and chalky tannin. The 2% Viognier that was co-fermented with this wine adds subtle apricot and floral notes.

Dear Shirah Customers,

After 24 months of barrel aging, we are finally ready to officially release our most limited bottlings to date:  the component parts of Power to the People (Power) as Single Vineyard bottlings.   Power is a blend of Syrahs from the Thompson and McGinley Vineyards.  Power in all it’s grace and beauty, is still not necessarily greater than the sum of it’s parts.  To prove our point, we’ve let a very small batch from each of these vineyards age an additional 10 months in the barrel, and are now releasing each component separately as a Single Vineyard bottling.  

When we say that this will be extremely limited, we really mean it.  In total, there will only be 7 cases of each of these Single Vineyard bottlings available.  That’s right, a mere 84 bottles from each vineyard.   As one of our valued customers, we want to make sure that you have this rare opportunity to order before they’re all gone.  So between now and March 27th (the last day to order in order to receive your order by Passover) we will have these — sure to be collectible wines — available on our website for $75 a bottle.  After the 27th, these Single Vineyards will be taken off of our website, likely, never to be seen again.

As an added incentive, we’re offering a special mixed case of 8 bottles of Power + 2 bottles of each Single Vineyard — all at the current price for Power.  This way you can get a hold of 4 of these rare Single Vineyards at the discounted price of $60 a bottle, while also replenishing your stock of Power.   

To place your orders, please go to: http://www.shirahwine.com/shop.htm


How Kosher Is CalKosher?

4 Jan

In response to recent some questions about wine we certify:

Our wine is produced to strict standards of kashrut for wine as outlined in the Shulchan Aruch. All the winemakers involved must be Orthodox and Shabbat Observant to be involved in the manufacturing process and handle the wine. Any manufacturing questions that might arise go to gedolim of our generation.

Every CalKosher wine is aged in kosher barrels that are sealed at all times with the mashgiach’s seal.

In addition, all botteling is done by Orthodox and Shabbat Observant Jews. Even our labels are designed by Orthodox and Shabbat Observant designers – though of course that would not be a pre-requisite for certification. It just happens that the winemakers have found fantastic designers within their community.

CalKosher does not make or supervise mevushal wine, i.e. wine that is heated in order to allow non-Jews to handle it. Therefore we do NOT rely on any heterim, leniences, involved in that process.

In addition, we supervise only small batch wines, and do not have to make any compromises that other large producers might have to make, i.e. kashering steel tanks or barrels or use of other ingredients (such as yeasts that may be tainted with non-kosher for passover yeast).

At CalKosher we are very strict so that we can say without a doubt that this meets or exceeds the standards of any of the major hashgachas.

Feel free to write us – it may take a week or two to reply – but only because we are busy doing Hashem’s work.

LA Wine & Slivovitz Tasting, March 22

12 Mar

On March 22, at 8pm, we are delighted to invite you to ‘A Connoisseur’s Passover Stash’ co-sponsored by JConnectLA.

This month we rolled out our first run of Kosher-For-Passover Slivovitz. Crafted by Bill Mosby, from the finest of California’s Damson plum harvest in the Central Valley, this Slivovitz is a mouth watering experience.

Simultaneously we are also bringing to market a few different wines made by two sets of winemakers, Shimon & Gavriel Weiss, and Jonathan Hajdu.

Shimon & Gavriel have both worked for the acclaimed Herzog Wine Cellars and Covenant Wines, and have gone on to produce their own wine. These brothers show tenacity of spirit and fortitude in order to produce some of the finest boutique wine in the state. The wine has received top ratings from renown wine makers, and their 1-2 Punch and Syraph releases we will be tasting March 22 are tantalizing and delicious.

Jonathan Hajdu started his wine career in the vineyards surrounding Melbourne Australia since 2003. He has worked for various wineries in California and Israel, and most recently started his own winery, which produced the Brobdingnagian Grenache and Syrah we will be serving. His Syrah just received a 93 from Daniel Rogov “the foremost Israeli critic of fine wine.”

You’ve always wanted to have the best wines California has to offer for your Passover Seders, now you can taste some, and if you like, pick up a few bottles or cases at A Connoisseur’s Passover Stash. Proceeds from the sale of products go to support JConnectLA.

Space is very limited, so RSVP sooner rather than later to reserve a place at this highly exclusive event.
eric [@] jconnectla [dot] com

Harvest news 2008

15 Oct

Several of the wine makers that we work with barreled some delicious varieties this year. From Napa, the central coast, these wines promise to bring artisan kosher wine in California to a new level. They will be bottled in 18-24 months.