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What’s New at CalKosher?

13 Jan

ImageShirah Wine have released three genius wines in the last half year: Counterpunch, The Coalition, and Bro-Deux. Each one is a distinct and enjoyable wine.

We often are asked – just who/what is CalKosher?CalKosher is kosher supervision that relies on the strictest standards in the industry. We only work with a few select wineries, which is why you likely have not heard of us. Most of the wine that we supervise is only available for online sale. If you are interested in wine from CalKosher we recommend that you visit ShirahWine.com.

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein is the Rav HaMachshir for CalKosher, and is a musmach of Ohr Somayach Yeshiva. His passion for fine wine began when he moved to California in 2004 from Monsey, NY.

In addition to CalKosher, all wines made by Shirah Wine and also under the supervision of the OU.

All wines that we supervise are non-mevushal, kosher for Passover, and absolutely marvelous.

We look forward to sharing many more wines with you…


How Kosher Is CalKosher?

4 Jan

In response to recent some questions about wine we certify:

Our wine is produced to strict standards of kashrut for wine as outlined in the Shulchan Aruch. All the winemakers involved must be Orthodox and Shabbat Observant to be involved in the manufacturing process and handle the wine. Any manufacturing questions that might arise go to gedolim of our generation.

Every CalKosher wine is aged in kosher barrels that are sealed at all times with the mashgiach’s seal.

In addition, all botteling is done by Orthodox and Shabbat Observant Jews. Even our labels are designed by Orthodox and Shabbat Observant designers – though of course that would not be a pre-requisite for certification. It just happens that the winemakers have found fantastic designers within their community.

CalKosher does not make or supervise mevushal wine, i.e. wine that is heated in order to allow non-Jews to handle it. Therefore we do NOT rely on any heterim, leniences, involved in that process.

In addition, we supervise only small batch wines, and do not have to make any compromises that other large producers might have to make, i.e. kashering steel tanks or barrels or use of other ingredients (such as yeasts that may be tainted with non-kosher for passover yeast).

At CalKosher we are very strict so that we can say without a doubt that this meets or exceeds the standards of any of the major hashgachas.

Feel free to write us – it may take a week or two to reply – but only because we are busy doing Hashem’s work.